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Case ID: 18348
Classification: Stabbing
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Monday, Jul 25, 2011

County: Honolulu

Disposition: Open

Suspect(s) Unknown - We need your help!

Meet Conan...a terrier mix who lives with his owner, Tammy near Keaau beach park.

"It's horrible to think that somebody could do something like that to such an innocent animal and he clearly has the sweetest personality and he's so forgiving," says Sally Labruzzo, Animal House Veterinary Center.

Last Monday night, Conan was stabbed in the head, back and front leg.

His owner found him along Farrington highway unresponsive.

She immediately called the K9 Kokua foundation, and brought him to Animal House Veterinary Center in Ewa Beach.

"When we first saw Conan he was pretty unresponsive definitely had some awful wounds all over his body," says Labruzzo.

Labruzzo says his wounds were so bad, they weren't sure Conan was going to survive.

"Mainly his head there was a lot of swelling a lot of blood loss there is a large laceration on his back and underneath his arms so we were very concerned," says Labruzzo.

Conan's wounds were stitched and he's been living in Labruzzo's home with her dog copper while he heals.

Sunday, Conan's owner Tammy got to visit and see his progress.

Conan is on heavy pain medication and antibiotics, his team of caretakers are happy with his progress.

"To think that when he first came in we didn't think that he was gonna make it to seeing him now where he can run around now and do his normal activities is aces," says Labruzzo.

"Whatever happened to Conan I'm sure there's somebody out there that knows what happened, I would ask that people when they see animal cruelty or they hear about animal cruelty they need to call the Hawaiian Humane Society and file a cruelty report" says Theresa Donnelly, K9 Kokua Foundation.

To report animal cruelty anonymously, call the Hawaiian Humane Society at #946-2187.

Labruzzo hopes to return Conan to his owner by the end of the week.

K9 Kokua Foundation is based solely on donations with one-hundred percent of the profits raised going towards helping dogs who have homeless owners.

If you have information on this case, please contact:
Hawaiian Humane Society


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