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Case ID: 18163
Classification: Hoarding, Shooting
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Judge(s): Scott Sifferman

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Monday, Jun 13, 2011

County: Lawrence

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Linda Brisco

A Monett woman on Tuesday became the first person charged in Missouri under a new animal-cruelty law.

Chris Koster, the state's attorney general,got a temporary restraining order against Linda Brisco for allegedly violating the Animal Care Facilities Act and the Canine Cruelty Prevention Act. That act was passed by lawmakers earlier this year as an amendment to Proposition B, the voter-approved puppy-mill law.

Brisco reportedly owns Moser Kennel in Monett. Koster said Tuesday that state agriculture-department inspectors found several violations of the law. In a news release, they claim Brisco:

-Did not provide adequate veterinary care to animals who were in obvious medical distress;

-Did not clean and sanitize the facility, allowing excrement in food receptacles and dirty, muddy drinking water;

-Did not keep sick, aged, or young animals in indoor or sheltered housing facilities;

-Did not equip housing facilities with disposal and drainage systems in order to keep animal waste and water eliminated so the animals stayed dry;

-Did not provide shade for the dogs;

-Did not collect and remove animal waste -- in some places feces had accumulated to the point that it was indistinguishable from the flooring; and

-Did not provide housing that protected the animals from injury.

Koster added that Brisco "routinely used gunshot as a means of euthanasia, also in violation of the law."

The restraining order forbids Brisco from operating Moser Kennel. Koster wants to shut down the operation for good, and force Brisco to pay court costs and civil penalties.

Online court records indicate Circuit Judge Scott Sifferman set a July 19 hearing date on the case.


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