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Case ID: 17981
Classification: Mutilation/Torture, Kicking/Stomping
Animal: cat
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Sunday, Jan 23, 2011

Disposition: Alleged

» Christie Draper
» Peter Finnegan

TWO men were charged with a sickening attack that killed a small tabby cat after the incident was caught on CCTV.

The ECHO appealed to readers to help catch those behind the appalling act of animal cruelty in January after cat-lover Alf White found the disturbing footage.

Mr White, who looked after feral tabby Tooch, discovered the images at the yard at the Knowsley Industrial Park where he works.

It showed yobs setting upon a defenseless cat allowing their four dogs to maul it to death before kicking its tiny body through the air.

The attack happened on Sunday, January 23, not long after Mr White visited the Fredal Tiles showroom in Kirkby to feed Tooch.

When he arrived at work the next day and found her bed empty Mr White knew something was wrong.

At the time he told the ECHO: "In the morning I came in and said 'where's Tooch?'

"I went looking for her, even searching the woods. Then I checked the CCTV and there it was."

Tooch had lived at the tile showroom for more than five years and was treated as a pet by staff and customers who fussed over her.

Mr White added: "I feed all the birds and she used to catch the birds and eat them, so I fed her. She was wild at first.

"But then she was lovely and happy and never ever scratched or bit me once."

Mr White even made the effort to go to the industrial estate on Christmas Day to give Tooch her dinner and had paid a £360 vet bill to have her teeth fixed.

Merseyside police charged 25-year-old Christie Draper of Dulas Road, Kirkby and 25-year-old Peter Finnegan of Mintor Road, Kirkby with causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.


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