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Classification: Hoarding, Shooting, Unclassified
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

County: Long

Charges: Misdemeanor, Felony CTA, Felony Non-CTA
Disposition: Alleged
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» Christiane Judd
» James Judd

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Investigators have uncovered a horrific situation at Loonie Farms Animal Rescue near Ludowici. The rescue, once housing numerous unwanted animals, is now a quiet, gruesome graveyard.

The rescue, located on a sprawling, 10 acre farm, is owned by James and Christiane Judd - but today, Christiane is nowhere to be found - apparently on the run.

Her husband, James, has been locked up behind bars for months - serving time for dealing stolen property.

Last Sunday, Christiane phoned Kim Hankerson and asked her to care for the animals at the farm - telling Hankerson that she was leaving town.

But Hankerson didn't find animals in need of care - the animals at the farm needed care months ago - by the time she arrived, there was nothing but death.

Bones were discovered piled in wheelbarrows, dead puppies were found locked inside of crates...with every turn, more death - more heartache.

Late last summer, the Loonie Farms Facebook page promoted the property as a beautiful sanctuary for unwanted animals. Photo after photo showing what seemed to be an idyllic life.

What went wrong? How did Judd go from the business of saving lives to this?

How could this "rescue" be listed as a reputable rescue organization by the Georgia Department of Agriculture?

There are those who believe that Judd was in it for the money - going so far as to suggest that she purposefully killed the animals in order to pocket donated funds.

Not long ago, Georgia Animal Haven, a no-kill rescue, was forced to shut down. Tragically, 35 dogs went to the Loonie Farms rescue - initially, it appeared to be a the tragic realization that it was truly a nightmare.

Debbie Lanier, former owner of the Georgia Animal Haven, is convinced that the dogs she turned over to Judd are among the many who are dead on the property - needless to say, she is devastated.

Now, deputies are searching for the missing woman behind these horrifying deaths, while rescuers attempt to clean up the sad mess that was left behind.

Anyone that has seen Christiane Judd is asked to contact the Sheriff: 6 East Academy Street, Ludowici, GA 31316
(912) 545-2118

Case Updates

Long County Sheriff's Department Detective Tom Solossi says bond has been set for Christiane Judd, the owner of Loonie Farms.

Judd had a preliminary hearing last week where she plead not guilty.

Her bond was set at $10,000 cash.

As of now, Judd remains behind bars.

Judd is facing three charges: two felonies including animal cruelty and one misdemeanor in connection with animal remains found on Loonie Farms
Source: - Jul 21, 2011
Update posted on Mar 5, 2012 - 8:43AM 
The operator of a Long County Animal Shelter, accused of animal cruelty, is back in Ludowici.

Christiane Judd is now in the custody of the Long County Sherriff's Office after being picked up in New York trying to cross the border into Canada.

Judd was brought to the area by a transfer service and arrived in Long County Saturday morning.

She will appear in court Monday morning.

Dozens of animal remains were found at Loonie Farms, a facility run by Judd and her husband.

Mrs. Judd abruptly left the facility a month ago and animal rescue groups found the remains.

Mr. Judd, who was the licensed operator of Loonie Farms has been in jail on a parole violation.

Authorities say until Monday, Mrs. Judd will be housed in Long County, and after her first appearance, she may be transferred to an out of county holding facility. That decision will be made at a later time.
Source: - Jun 18, 2011
Update posted on Jun 18, 2011 - 11:17PM 
Authorities in Long County confirm that one of the operators of Loonie Farms was arrested Saturday night at the Canandian border. Sgt. Mark Hall tells us that Christiane Judd was in the New York area and picked up because of a warrant issued last week out of Long County. In the warrant, Mrs Judd is charged with four counts, including animal cruelty. The warrant was issued after Judd left town and members of several animal groups found dozens of animal remains on the property. The Judds has indicated they were running an animal refuge and adopting out animals. Instead, many now charge that animals were neglected and left to die and that some animals were shot.

Christiane Judds's husband, James, held the operator's license on the farm. James Judd has been in jail for several months on a parole violation.

Authorities say when Mrs.Judd was picked up last night that she had her children with her and up to six dogs. Long County says no more information may be available until Monday.
Source: - May 29, 2011
Update posted on May 29, 2011 - 8:35PM 


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