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Case ID: 17817
Classification: Hoarding
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Tuesday, Apr 26, 2011

County: Wayne

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Gary Belcher

Wayne County Prosecutor Tom Plymale told 13 News Gary Belcher, of Prichard, is facing two misdemeanor charges relating to animal abuse. Belcher is facing one count of animal cruelty, fourth offense, which carries enhanced penalties as well as a violation of the statute that prohibits him from owning animals.

Anita Asbury at the Huntington-Cabell-Wayne Animal Shelter told the dogs were underweight, and many of them had skin conditions. One seemed to have a large tumor on its neck.

The dogs are being taken to the vet Saturday morning to be checked out.

Belcher told the dogs did not belong to him.

In June 2010, Belcher pleaded guilty to three counts of animal abuse, which resulted in a ban of owning animals for five years.

On Tuesday, a complaint was filed against Belcher and seven dogs were seized from his property. Plymale said his office is waiting to hear the humane officer's report to see if there will be any additional charges.


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