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Case ID: 17060
Classification: Unlawful Trapping/Hunting
Animal: cat
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Prosecutor(s): Andy Naze

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Friday, Jul 2, 2010

County: Kewaunee

Charges: Felony CTA
Disposition: Dismissed

Person of Interest: Jeffrey C, Stangel

Case Updates: 1 update(s) available

The Kewaunee man accused of killing two cats owned by his former rental tenant now will face felony charges.

Jeffrey C. Stangel, 43, had been charged with two misdemeanor counts of intentionally mistreating animals. Those charges were dismissed on Oct. 13, and a new case was filed the next day.

Stangel now is charged with two felony counts of mistreating animals causing death. According to the criminal complaint, Stangel evicted Joan Isaksen July 2 from a rental house on North Town Hall Road in rural Kewaunee. The complaint states Stangel and Isaksen had agreed to let volunteers with the Full of Hope Animal Shelter live trap and remove roughly 50 cats on the property, but when volunteers returned a few days later, they found numerous dead, injured and sick cats.

According to the criminal complaint, volunteers believed the cats had been poisoned, but Kewaunee County District Attorney Andy Naze said he does not have evidence supporting that. The complaint states Stangel did admit to fatally trapping two cats.

A Facebook page created in memory of one of the trapped cats had 347 followers as of Tuesday. Several friends of "Justice for BooBoo" have posted messages indicating they plan to be in the courtroom for Stangel's initial appearance 2 p.m. Oct. 28.

Case Updates

It wasn't a lack of evidence that put the brakes on the evidentiary hearing Tuesday of a man accused of fatally trapping two pet cats. According to a criminal complaint, 43-year-old Jeffrey C. Stangel admitted to police investigators that he did it.

Kewaunee County District Attorney Andy Naze said it was the actions of the cats' owner, Joan Isaksen, which made him decide to dismiss the two felony counts of mistreatment of animals causing death. Naze said Isaksen did not respond to his subpoena for her testimony and had been unreachable by phone. She also admitted recording conversations with several people involved in the case, he said.

"She's paranoid, deceptive and uncooperative," Naze said. "My main witness, at the very least, has some major credibility issues."

Stangel initially was charged with two misdemeanors stemming from the July 2 incident, during which he allegedly killed two of Isaksen's pet cats in snare traps while evicting her from his rental property in rural Kewaunee. According to witness reports, more than 50 cats lived on the property, and most of them suddenly disappeared after the eviction process started.

Several of those witnesses, including Isaksen, Full of Hope Shelter Director Kelly Lebotte and volunteer Faye DeGrand, were in court Tuesday. Also present were a handful of followers of the Facebook page Justice for BooBoo, which was started after Stangel's arrest in September and has grown to more than 440 fans.

Isaksen said she has been using a post office box for her mail because of the case's publicity and her fear of retaliation. She said she did not get the subpoena and never had any phone messages from Naze. The recorded conversations with police officers, witnesses and even Naze, started after she realized people were telling her "one thing one day and a different thing the next. I was getting mixed messages about how the case was going to proceed," she said.

Lebotte said she was disappointed Naze didn't pursue the case, especially since Stangel had confessed to killing at least two of the animals, and there were numerous other witnesses willing to testify. While Naze said he needed Isaksen's testimony because "she was the property owner," several Justice for BooBoo supporters questioned Naze's decision.

As much as it pains me to say this, the charges against Jeff Stangel were dismissed today. The reason according to the DA was that Joan, was paranoid, uncooperative, and did not sign and return the subpoena. As DA Naze was so very reluctant to file the charges anyways, I am sure he took this and ran with it. So what this tells you is that if you want to get away with a crime and you have just the right friends in the right places, come on over to Kewaunee. This is acceptable here. We were told that Jeff was in Shopko bragging and laughing about it. Of course he was... So if any of you want to get away with a crime, come on over to Kewaunee, make some friends in just the right places and they will turn a blind eye to your crimes. sad isnt it? This is what our world has come to. This is what Kewaunee is all about.... makes me want to move I am so disgusted...
Source: - Dec 11, 2010
Update posted on Dec 11, 2010 - 10:11PM 


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