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Case ID: 16968
Classification: Shooting
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Abuse was retaliation against animal's bad behavior
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Saturday, Nov 27, 2010

County: Washoe

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Toby George Preuett

Sheriff's deputies said a man was taking the law into his own hands when he allegedly shot his neighbor's dog with a BB gun to quiet its barking.

Toby George Preuett, 43, of Golden Valley, was arrested Saturday afternoon on suspicion of animal cruelty and discharging a firearm in a congested area. He was later released after posting bail, and could not be reached for comment.
Preuett is accused of shooting his neighbor's Australian Heeler, Josie, in the shoulder area.

Deputy Armando Avina said Josie's injury was not life threatening.

Avina said deputies were called just before 3 p.m., Saturday to the 3100 block of
Indian Lane in Golden Valley after a woman said her dog had been shot, and she suspected her neighbor, Preuett.

Deputies found 22 BB holes in a fence by the woman's home.

Preuett, Avina said, told deputies he shot at the dog to quiet it's barking. He claimed
he had previously fired shots at it, which successfully caused the dog to stop barking.

"What was I supposed to do, call animal control," Preuett asked deputies, according to his arrest report.

Preuett, the report said, told deputies he wasn't trying to kill the dog, but keep it quiet.

"This was a case of someone taking the law into their own hands," Avina said, who encouraged residents to contact the regional animal services to investigate dog barking complaints.

Preuett, a self-employed carpenter, has been living in a motor home next door to the woman for the past two months, authorities said.


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