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Case ID: 16240
Classification: Other
Animal: rabbit (pet)
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Sunday, Feb 21, 2010

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Graham Paul Brown

Bail has been granted for a man who swung a lop-eared rabbit at passersby on Auckland’s Queen St.

Graham Paul Brown, 53, appeared in Auckland District Court today charged with animal cruelty, assaulting police and disorderly behaviour.

The 53-year-old stole the bunny and swung it by its ears at pedestrians, while verbally abusing them, police said.

A security guard alerted the police, who had to wrestle the animal from the man’s grasp after he tried to hide it under his shirt. He then spat at police.

The man, who is not homeless but can often be found around the streets in the CBD, was remanded on bail and will reappear next month.

The fawn-coloured rabbit was checked by a veterinarian at the SPCA headquarters in Mangere, and appears to have escaped uninjured.

“He was in a very stressful state. It’s remarkable he is in one piece considering what happened,” says SPCA inspector Vicki Border.

The SPCA has nicknamed the rabbit Larry and is waiting on his owners to come and collect him.

Ms Border said the rabbit was probably someone’s pet as it appeared to have been de-sexed. The lop-eared breed is not often found in the wild, she said.

Larry was not micro-chipped.

The SPCA says Larry is an adult, but is unsure of his age.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Auckland police on 09 379 4500 or Vicki Border at the SPCA on 09 256 7300 ext 867


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