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Case ID: 15957
Classification: Shooting
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Animal was offleash or loose
Reward: $1,500
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Saturday, Aug 8, 2009

County: Hughes

Disposition: Open

Suspect(s) Unknown - We need your help!

A Wyoming man is offering a $1,500 reward for information leading to whoever shot and killed his beloved dog while he was on a hunting trip in central South Dakota.

Mac Mackaben found his 7-year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Little Kit Carson, dead in early August.

Mackaben said Little Kit was a purebred trained to rescue avalanche victims. He found the dog dead on a rural road near where he was staying with friends and got so upset he vowed never to return to South Dakota or go hunting again.

Mackaben said his family and friends helped him change his mind.

Hughes County Sheriff Mike Leidholt says his office has run out of leads in the dog shooting case but is willing to look again if the reward brings new information.


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