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Case ID: 15438
Classification: Stabbing
Animal: pig
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Saturday, Apr 25, 2009

County: Honolulu

Disposition: Alleged

Abuser names unreleased

Honolulu police arrested a man today after he allegedly killed a pig belonging to a Hawai'i Kai animal sanctuary.

According to Gina Lay, who runs the Kamilonui Place facility for abandoned, disabled and terminally ill animals, a group of hunters was given permission by a neighbor to hunt pigs on a separate property farther down the isolated road. Instead, the men pulled over at the sanctuary and set their dogs on an 8-month-old blind pig named Keller, who was lazing in the front yard.

After the dogs wounded the pig, one of the men allegedly killed the animal with a knife.

Neighbors called police as the attack was going on and officers arrested the man who stabbed the pig.

"We try to be a sanctuary for these animals, but it's hard to be a sanctuary when animals are slaughtered right on our front lawn," Lay said.

Hawai'i Kai Neighborhood Board member Gary Weller, a partner in the sanctuary, said there have been repeated problems with hunting dogs attacking pets on nearby hiking trails.

Although there are "No Hunting" signs posted throughout the private valley, Lay said she regularly hears gunfire in the area, and several pigs have been found dead or wounded near the sanctuary.


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