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Case ID: 14705
Classification: Hoarding
Animal: cat
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Drugs or alcohol involved
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Thursday, Oct 9, 2008

County: Ada

Disposition: Not Charged

Person of Interest: Connie Shaffer

A meth bust in Boise apparently has led to the discovery of dozens of mistreated and neglected cats.

Officials say they've arrested Connie Shaffer, 49, Thursday afternoon for felony drug possession. When officers arrived with a search warrant, they found dozens of cats living in the home that had apparently been neglected.

Many of the cats appear to be in very poor physical shape. The cats are being gathered by Animal Control and will be taken to the shelter for evaluation.

"Drug use often leads to child neglect, and in this case, it appears to have led to animal neglect," said Sgt. PD Burch of the Boise Police Neighborhood Contact Officer unit.

Shaffer at this point, has been charged with possession of meth and drug paraphernalia.


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