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Case ID: 13005
Classification: Fighting
Animal: chicken
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Sunday, Jan 20, 2008

County: Maui

Disposition: Alleged

» Raymond Gomes, III
» John Henry K. Kaiama
» Tomas Manangan
» Marlo Guerrero

Four Molokai men were arrested Sunday afternoon at a cockfight on Hawaiian homestead land in Hoolehua, police said.

A crowd of about 150 had gathered at the residential parcel on Farrington Avenue when Molokai patrol officers arrived after receiving information at 3:23 p.m. about cockfighting activity there, police said.

The four men arrested were allegedly participating in the cockfighting when officers showed up to investigate.

The four were identified as Raymond Gomes III, 42, of Hoolehua; John Henry K. Kaiama, 37, of Hoolehua; Tomas Manangan, 46, of Kalamaula; and Marlo Guerrero, 18, of Kaunakakai.

All were charged with second-degree cruelty to animals and possession of a gambling device.

Gomes was also charged with promoting cockfighting for allegedly being involved in organizing the cockfighting. Police said he had a timer and was acting as a referee.

Bail was set at $400 each for Manangan and Guerrero, $800 for Gomes and $1,200 for Kaiama. All four were released after posting bail.


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