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Case ID: 12566
Classification: Choking / Strangulation / Suffocation
Animal: cat
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Animal was offleash or loose
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Thursday, Aug 30, 2007

County: Providence

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Renold Boudreau

After weeks of investigation, police have finally captured a man wanted for allegedly strangling young cats at the end of August.

Renold Boudreau, 56, of Central Falls was arrested on October 25 on a charge of malicious injury to or killing of animals. He was held pending a District Court appearance, according to an arrest report by police officer Phillip Garland.

Garland reportedly responded to the corner of Dexter Street and Sumner Avenue at about 10 on Oct 25 morning to assist Animal Control Officer Joseph Bolvin.

That's where they found Boudreau, who was identified in connection with a warrant alleging an attack on kittens in another man's yard on Hedley Avenue.

That incident was reported to Bolvin on Aug. 30. According to police, a Hedley Avenue resident said a man was in the caller's back yard "strangling cats with his bare hands."

Bolvin said at the time that there was "no proof" that any cats were actually killed, as no signs of dead or injured cats were found at the scene, and no area residents had reported cats of theirs going missing.

Bolvin had said the cats were believed to be feral, and that an adult cat had recently given birth to kittens in that general area.

At the time, he said that other incidents, not necessarily involving animal cruelty, had been reported, allegedly involving a man who fit Boudreau's description.

Bolvin said at the time that witnesses had described the culprit as "a white male in his 40's, wearing orange printed shorts and no shirt." Boudreau was described in the arrest report as being thin, aged 56 and non-Hispanic. Bolvin said that at least one witness had identified him from a photo lineup.


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