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Case ID: 12451
Classification: Shooting
Animal: cat
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Animal was offleash or loose
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Sunday, Sep 30, 2007

County: Clark

Disposition: Open

Suspect(s) Unknown - We need your help!

Case Updates: 1 update(s) available

A cat owner is outraged after someone stuck a pellet gun in her cat's mouth and pulled the trigger.

The cat's owner is speaking out in hopes of warning other animal lovers that someone may be looking to kill their pets.

At first glance, Prince looks like a healthy and normal cat.

But after hearing what he has been through, it is a miracle the gentle creature even survived.

"The x-rays show he's been shot twice. One bullet went up through the hard palate, and disintegrated into his nasal cavity, the other bullet went underneath his tongue, hit his jaw and is lodged down here by his left shoulder.", veterinarian Dr. Philip Wesen says.

Part of Prince's tongue has been removed and he has suffered lots of nerve damage.

He cannot swallow and needs a feeding tube just to eat.

Dr. Wesen says he has never seen anything so cruel.

It is still unknown if Prince will ever fully recover.

His owner says she cannot even sleep at night and wants the public's help to find whoever did this.

Natalie Wike, Prince's owner, asks "Why would somebody do that? How inhumane and cruel. Why did someone do this to my cat?".

Prince would usually stay in a courtyard area when he went outside.

That is why Natalie thinks that it might have been somebody living nearby that harmed Prince.

Now she not only worries about her pets being outside, but also her children.

At this time, Natalie says all she can do is pray for Prince to get better and that someone comes forward with some information.

Right now police say they cannot do anything, unless they have a witness to the crime.

Natalie believes the shooting happened sometime last Saturday night or early Sunday morning, within her neighborhood near Rainbow and Washington.

In the meantime, a neighbor is graciously footing the bill for Prince's medical treatment.

But if you would like to donate, you can call the Maur Animal Clinic at 870-1011.

Case Updates

A story of horrific animal abuse has a happy ending.

Prince the cat was shot in the mouth twice with a pellet gun and lived.

Today, he is doing so well the vet is calling him a miracle cat.

No one could believe it, this cat surviving after the cruelest abuse.

Vets had to amputate part of his tongue after he was shot and Prince had to use a feeding tube.

But his recovery has been phenomenal.

Prince is now swallowing food, grooming himself and even lets out a meow now and then.

Dr. Wesen plans to take out the feeding tube in a few days.

Now the mystery remains, who did this?

Natalie, Prince's owner, filed a police report but Metro does not have any leads.

So she has taken it on herself to put out flyers, trying to find the monsters who abused a helpless animal.

Thousands of dollars in donations have come in to help with vet bills.

Natalie says she will not give up looking for the monsters who abused Prince.

Meanwhile, she cannot wait until next week when Prince will most likely be coming home.
Source: KTNV - Oct 11, 2007
Update posted on Oct 14, 2007 - 5:32PM 


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