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Case ID: 11103
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment, Hoarding
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Saturday, Mar 24, 2007

County: Burleigh

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Leonard Moos

Case Updates: 2 update(s) available

More than 80 dogs have been seized from a Bismarck animal shelter on late March 24 evening, when the Federal USDA came in and recovered 84 golden retrievers from what's being called by the Associated Press an apparent puppy mill.

The name of the shelter has not been confirmed yet.

The USDA contacted the Retrieve A Golden rescue group when they discovered the owner of the puppy operation was unable to care for all of his animals.

The Animal Ark Shelter in Hastings-Minnesota has taken the animals in and says many of the dogs appear to be healthy.

Some of the animals suffered bite and scratch wounds.

Others had outgrown chains that became embedded in thier necks.

Medical costs are expected to reach up to about 25-thousand dollars.

Case Updates

Respondent's AWA license, license number 45-A-0005, issued to Leonard G. Moos DBA: Apple Creek Kennel, is hereby revoked and Respondent is hereby disqualified from obtaining an AWA license.

Respondent, his agents and employees, successors and assigns, directly or through any corporate or other device, shall cease and desist from violating the Act and the Regulations issued thereunder, and in particular, shall cease and desist from engaging in any activity regulated under the Act and/or Regulations.

Respondent Leonard G. Moos, an individual, d/b/a Apple Creek Kennel, is assessed a civil penalty in the amount of $30,750.00, which shall be held in abeyance, provided Respondent does not engage in any activity regulated under the Act and/or Regulations.
Source: USDA Consent Decision - June 2007
Update posted on Jun 24, 2007 - 11:16AM 
Over the weekend, a Bismarck breeder had all 83 of his golden retrievers taken away. The golden retrievers' caretaker says he loved his dogs, even though he could no longer care for them in the proper way.

The kennels at Apple Creek Kennel are empty today. Deserted, too, are the pens that once held 83 loveable golden retrievers. For 38 years, Leonard Moos bred and boarded the dogs, but things have been a lot more difficult for the 75 year old recently.

"I couldn`t do it anymore," he laments. "See, I got arthritis all over and well, you can see I have to walk way stooped over."

The USDA is mum on details, but the agency says it had serious concerns about the care the dogs were or were not getting. The dogs were carted to a Minnesota shelter, and workers there say some had scratches, bites, and even chains embedded into their necks. Leonard says he thinks the USDA is blowing the health concerns out of proportion.

"There`s only one of them that I knew of. When they loaded him they showed me a little on the top was starting to go in."

All that's left now is Leonard`s trusty guard dog, Pete. Leonard says he loved his dogs and often kept them in free range pens so they could run around and have soft ground under their paws. But off camera, he spoke about two dogs that died in winter and froze to the ground before he could get to them. He also noted that some of the shelters were filled to the brim with dog feces that he could no longer clean. Those in North Dakota who deal with these situations say it takes a lot make them confiscate animals.

Deputy state veterinarian Dr. Beth Carlson explains, "It generally has to be a case where the neglect is serious such that animals are likely to die if they stay in that situation or suffer serious injury.

Apple Creek Kennel has surely seen better days, and Leonard admits it. "I'm glad to see them go. I couldn't do it anymore."

Leonard says he could be facing a $25,000 fine, but hopes it won`t come to that. Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota is handling requests for adoptions. You can fill out an adoption application by going to
Source: KFYR - March 26, 2007
Update posted on Mar 27, 2007 - 6:07AM 


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