All of the people involved with Pet-Abuse.Com are volunteers who donate their time and hearts to something they believe in. Any financial help you can offer goes towards keeping our servers running, paying for printed and educational materials, and providing emergency animal food for cruelty cases. If you'd like to learn more about how Pet-Abuse.Com uses your donations, visit the What Your Donations Pay For page. Also be sure to stop by our Support Us section for information on how you can contribute in other ways, including vehicle donations.

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Donating to Other Causes

There are so many organizations that you can donate to support. We definitely suggest supporting your local Department of Animal Control and the Humane Society, however there are lots of other good places your money can go. Local animal shelters are always in need of funding to continue doing the good things that they do. You can use the links below to locate a local shelter near you to donate to.