Dr. Randall Lockwood, Senior Vice President of Anti-cruelty Initiatives and Legislative Services for the ASPCA and author of several books addressing the connection between animal cruelty and interpersonal violence, was asked to develop a guide to animal cruelty prosecution by the National Association of District Attorneys, funded by the Dept. of Justice.

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It is important to realize that in many situations where animal cruelty cases are not prosecuted well, the real cause may be the prosecutor's inexperience with regard to animal cruelty case prosecution. Inexperience with the special situations that animal cruelty cases entail may result in inadequate sentencing, or even a lost case.

Animal Cruelty Prosecution - Opportunities for Early Response to Crime and Interpersonal Violence is a 60-page book targeted to prosecuting attorneys to help them learn how to effectively handle animal cruelty case prosecution.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. A Brief History of Animal Cruelty Laws
  3. Why Prosecute Animal Cruelty Cases?
  4. Cruelty to Animals is a Crime
  5. Cruelty to Animals Can Be a Predictor Crime
  6. Cruelty to Animals Can Be an Indicator Crime
  7. Cruelty to Animals Destabilizes Communities
  8. Prosecuting Animal Cruelty is Consistent with the Balanced
  9. Approach Model of Juvenile Justice
  10. Defining "Cruelty to Animals"
  11. Types of Animal Cruelty
  12. Simple Neglect
  13. Gross, Willful, Cruel or Malicious Neglect
  14. Intentional Abuse, Torture
  15. Animal Hoarding
  16. Organized Abuse -- Dogfighting, Cockfighting
  17. Ritualistic Abuse
  18. Animal Sexual Abuse (Bestiality)
  19. The Progression of a Cruelty to Animals Case
  20. Reporting Cruelty
  21. Seizure/Impound
  22. Disposition of Deceased Animals
  23. Charging Decisions
  24. Building the Cruelty to Animals Case
  25. Sentencing Requests and Guidelines
  26. Conclusion
  27. References
  28. Appendix

This book is essential for every prosecutor, and is available for free download by clicking on the link below. Please note, this book is in PDF format and you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat to open it.

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