1. To increase public awareness of the animal cruelty/human violence connection
  2. To encourage everyone to take animal cruelty seriously
  3. To provide a database enabling animal adoption agencies to research potential adopters for possible prior abuse history within and across state and national lines (AARDAS)
  4. To monitor and review reports of animal cruelty from across the country.
  5. To assist legislators and activists in communities throughout the United States as they seek to enact and strengthen anti-cruelty laws.
  6. To promote the standardization of animal-cruelty reporting and tracking.
  7. To educate and train people regarding the connection between animal cruelty and violence in society.
  8. To provide real-time information for use in research for the general public
  9. To provide the technical tools and networking to allow animal agencies across the globe to be able to share information and enter their cases in one unified global database, and to pro-actively encourage and support those agencies to use the tools available to them.
  10. To collect data through user-feedback which can be used to determine the public's views on local laws and sentencing for animal abusers
  11. To provide the Humane Society, the ASPCA, and other organizations with real-time data to do sophisticated comparisons and reporting such as: determining areas of the country that need more preventative measures such as education, determining age groups that are the highest risk
  12. To provide helpful materials and resources for shelters so that they can create their own community education programs
  13. To promote a loving and responsible relationship between humans and animals