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Case ID: 9686
Classification: Mutilation/Torture
Animal: horse
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Thursday, Feb 9, 2006

County: Lincoln

Charges: Misdemeanor
Disposition: Alleged

» Clint Proffit
» James R. Hoffman

Two Kemmerer men face a variety of charges after allegedly killing a wild horse by castrating it.

Clint Proffit, 40, and James R. Hoffman, 41, made initial court appearances in late September 2006 on charges of killing a wild horse, animal cruelty, conspiracy, property destruction and defacement. Both were released on their own recognizance.

According to court documents, Bureau of Land Management officers interviewed Proffit, Hoffman and others who were present on Feb. 9, when the wild horse walked into a corral where livestock was being branded. Three other men, including Hoffman's brother Randy, of Woodruff, Utah, told investigators that Hoffman and Proffit participated in roping and castrating the horse.

Proffit and Hoffman both told investigators they couldn't talk about the castration, and Proffit allegedly told investigators he believed the horse died from a heart attack brought on by old age.


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