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Case ID: 2319
Classification: Shooting
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Animal was offleash or loose
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Sunday, Mar 28, 2004

County: Hillsborough

Disposition: Not Charged
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Person of Interest: Stephen Coco

The Hillsborough County Attorney's office has begun an investigation into the shooting death of a dog by an off-duty Manchester Police Detective in the Pulpit Rock Park.

Steven Coco who shot and killed the dog told the Bedford Police the incident was an effort to protect his two preschool-age daughters.

Coco killed Toby a 3-year-old Belgian shepherd chow mix, with 8-9 shots from his police issued pistol.  Chris Arnoldy, Toby's owner, stated Coco had no reason to shoot the dog, it was friendly and Arnoldy was right there.  Arnoldy stated "I saw a bearded guy put the final bullet in my dog's head as I loudly yelled at him not too"

Arnoldy is considering suing Manchester not only for the death of the dog, but because the officer pointed the gun at him if Detective Coco is not disciplined.  Arnoldy has retained former state Supreme Court Justice Charles Douglas II and has filed a letter of intent to sue for the senseless and unjustified killing of the dog.

Signs at the park state that there are no firearms allowed on the property.

Detective Coco remains on duty and his duty status has not changed per the community information officer for the Manchester Police Department.  Coco joined the department in July 1995 as a patrol officer until September 1998 when he was assigned to the investigative unit.


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