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Case ID: 20031
Classification: Stabbing
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Abuse was retaliation against animal's bad behavior
Drugs or alcohol involved
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Saturday, Feb 8, 2014

County: Olmsted

Charges: Felony CTA, Felony Non-CTA
Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Loc Dinh Phan

A Rochester man is arrested for allegedly stabbing his dog while on crack cocaine.

Loc Dinh Phan, 44, of Rochester, called police at about 12 p.m. Saturday at the Ray-Mar Hotel on the 1400 block of 2nd Street S.W.

Phan told officers he was high on crack cocaine and stabbed the animal because it was cursing at him.

Rochester police say officers found the dog, Melissa, with a stab wound to the neck. Melissa was taken to a nearby veterinary hospital and is expected to be O.K.

However, hotel employees say they are surprised by Melissa's speedy recovery based on the scene of the incident.

"I stood at the door, looked at the amount of blood, and could not believe the dog is going to survive because of the amount of blood," said Larry Walters of the Ray-Mar Motel. "You could tell everywhere the dog had stopped walking."

Walters said Phan had been staying at the hotel for a couple of weeks before the incident.

Phan was taken to detox and faces felony animal mistreatment and drug charges.

Rochester police say an officer who responded is interested in adopting Melissa.


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