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Case ID: 19456
Classification: Mutilation/Torture, Poisoning
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Animal was offleash or loose
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Thursday, Mar 15, 2012

County: Grady

Disposition: Open

Suspect(s) Unknown - We need your help!

Dead dogs and puppies, cats, pets in Grady County. It's a story you first saw on News 9 Saturday. Neighbors believe someone is poisoning pets on purpose. That's prompting law enforcement to get involved.

News 9 talked to the latest family to come forward after their dog was decapitated.

Near the same Tuttle neighborhood, at least three families have come forward saying someone is poisoning their puppies and dogs.

Thursday night, Grady County sheriff's deputies were called out to investigate after the Lehman family says they found their dog beheaded in the driveway.

"That's just not right what kind of sick person would do that? Who would do that to an animal and bring him back for you to see?" said Carli Lehman, mom of two with one on the way.

Carli Lehman is sick after finding her dog "Bubba" dead.

"We found his head and his leg just laid in the yard," she said.

It gets worse. Carli was getting out of the car with her boys when the family noticed the pieces of their beloved dog.

"My oldest looked at him and said 'dog?' He couldn't put two and two together," Carli said.

She hopes Ryder stays content and keeps playing with Bubba's brand new puppies, and not relive what happened.

"We've had him since he could fit in the palm of our hand, my husband got him for me when I had my two year old," said Carli. "We called the Grady County Sheriff."

Carli and her husband are just one of three families who have come forward in a week to report dog poisonings and animal cruelty. They all say it's gone on too long.

"I had five pups last summer that got poisoned," Carli said.

Carli says out in the county, without lease laws, dogs get shot all the time, and that's why their dogs are fenced in.

"We work all the time, take care of our kids and for someone to do that it's just wrong," she said.

The family thinks someone came into the fenced in yard a month ago and stole "Bubba." The family thought he was gone forever and then they saw the dog again, dead, Thursday night.

Carli hopes more neighbors will do the right thing and report abuse if they see it.

"Hope they catch him," she said.

Grady County Sheriff's office says it's tough to prove cases like this, but deputies are interviewing families and gathered evidence Thursday night.

Right now, there are no official suspects. But deputies say malicious cruelty to animals would likely mean one to five years in jail.

Grady County Sheriff's office is asking for help to find whoever is doing this you're asked to call (405) 222-1000.

If you have information on this case, please contact:
Grady County Sheriff\\\'s Office
(405) 222-1000


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