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Case ID: 19450
Classification: Choking / Strangulation / Suffocation
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Thursday, Mar 15, 2012

County: Cass

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Kristine A. Sellie-Hanson

A bizarre story from a downtown Fargo bar that involves a small dog and beer drinkers that came to its rescue.

Twenty-seven year-old Kristine Sellie-Hanson of Fargo faces animal cruelty, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and criminal trespass charges, after a chaotic incident at the Empire Bar downtown. Witnesses tell police Sellie-Hanson was swinging the Lhaso Apso in the air by its leash.

After spending the night in the Fargo pound, Buddy the Lhaso Apso was released to family. It had been quite the night out on the town.

Kristine Sellie-Hanson: "No! No! Buddy, he wants to be with me, he is not like other dogs."

Kristine Sellie Hanson is the Fargo woman charged with animal cruelty after police say she allegedly brought her dog into The Empire Bar and began treating it badly in front of bar patrons - swinging it in the air by its leash, holding it by the neck and pulling its hair. Witnesses tell police Sellie-Hanson was yelling and hysterical.

Lt. Joel Vettel - Fargo Police: "The biggest thing was swinging the leash around with the dog attached to the leash and very disturbing to the patrons inside and people came to the aid of the animal."

The owner of Buddy the dog is disputing accounts of the incident from eye witnesses and law enforcement. Sellie-Hanson says she would never hurt her dog.

Kristine Sellie-Hanson - Faces Animal Cruelty Charges: "He loves me and I love him. The only reason I am with him is he chose to be with me. I would never do anything malicious to a dog. I love him so much."

When Fargo police came to The Empire they removed Buddy the dog from the bar and arrested Sellie-Hanson, who continued to be disruptive in the squad car, and at the jail. Sellie-Hanson bailed out of the Cass County jail earlier this morning.


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