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Case ID: 19153
Classification: Poisoning
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Sunday, Nov 27, 2011

County: Loudoun

Disposition: Open

Suspect(s) Unknown - We need your help!

Janice Raleigh says her 7-year-old poodle Hank and 6-year-old terrier Fiona were beloved members of her family.

But on Saturday, Raleigh said both dogs were throwing up. The next day, their behavior became increasingly strange. Raleigh noticed food in the backyard that she didn't put there.

"They were in the corner of the fence digging into something," she says. "That's when I found what looked like little cubes of cheese."

Animal control officials say those cheese cubes were soaked in anti-freeze poisoning.

By Monday, the dogs' kidneys began shutting down. After several emergency treatments, Raleigh was told nothing else could be done.

Neighbors in the Leesburg community say the dogs barked a lot, but are shocked to learn they were intentionally poisoned.

"It's upsetting that someone would stoop this low to do this," says Karen Cokrain.

Raleigh says she has no known enemies and neither did her dogs. She says she's on a mission to make sure justice is served.

"You messed with the wrong person," Raleigh says.


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