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Case ID: 17050
Classification: Mutilation/Torture
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Reward: $500
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Wednesday, Dec 1, 2010

County: Monterey

Charges: Misdemeanor
Disposition: Open
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Suspect(s) Unknown - We need your help!

If caught and convicted, the owners of a 1-year-old dog could face fines and up to a year in jail because investigators believe they tried to neuter a puppy themselves.

"We can't 100 percent confirm it, but we believe it was a [at-home] neutering attempt," said Sgt. Stacy Sanders of the investigations division of the Monterey County SPCA.

Although employees have seen cases of ear cropping on dogs, she said, they all agree this is the first case of an at-home neutering they've seen.

The band used on the dog, a pointer mix, was commonly used to castrate other animals.

"But the anatomies differ so much, it would not have worked out," she said.

"If [the dog] hadn't been found, he would have died," Sanders added.

On Dec. 1, the SPCA responded and conducted an emergency neuter surgery on the dog which had been found with a tight band around his testicles. The band, officials said, was cutting off circulation and caused painful swelling and bleeding.

Sanders said they believe the dog had the band -- used to castrate pigs and sheep -- on for at least five days before the animal was found.

"It could have led to infection," she said. "Time was running out for him."

Reward offered for information in case

On Thursday, the SPCA is hopeful that someone will recognize Bandit, and they are offering a $500 reward for verifiable information. Anyone with tips is asked to phone the Monterey SPCA at 831-373-2631 or 831-422-4721 ext. 231. Tips are confidential.

The nonprofit said the dog -- which SPCA staff named Bandit -- was found on Dec. 1 suffering an injury to his testicular area. A woman reported she had seen the dog running loose in her neighborhood on the 200 block of Espinosa Road, just south of Castroville.

When the woman tried to play with the dog, officials said, she saw that the dog was bleeding and had blood on his tail.

The woman immediately took the dog to the Center Animal Hospital in Castroville. The hospital called the SPCA.

The dog underwent an emergency neuter surgery and was placed on pain medications and antibiotics.

Proper neutering

Officials added that the SPCA supports the neutering of dogs, but dog owners ought to seek the help of a professional.

"There are a lot of low-cost services out there," SPCA spokeswoman Beth Brookhouser said. At the SPCA, she said, it costs about $150 which includes medications and care.

On Thursday, Brookhouser said Bandit is still on pain medications but is doing much better. Bandit is not up for adoption yet, she said.

"He was snuggling with everybody; he's a very sweet dog," she said. "Someone out there knows where he comes from."

If you have information on this case, please contact:
Monterey SPCA
(831) 373-2631, or 422-4721 ext. 213


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