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Case ID: 16718
Classification: Bestiality
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Judge(s): Howard W. Cameron

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Friday, Jan 1, 2010

County: Saint Croix

Charges: Felony CTA
Disposition: Convicted

Defendant/Suspect: Michael J. Wondra

Case Updates: 3 update(s) available

A man has been arrested on suspicion of felony animal cruelty, after a neighbor called police to report a dog that was tied up outside and yelping.

The neighbor told the St. Croix County Sheriff's Office that the dog had an object inserted in its rectum and was obviously in distress.

Police arrived and found the dog in severe pain and found an 8-inch spoon with had blood and fecal matter on it. The dog was taken to an emergency veterinary clinic but had to be put down due to the extent of its injuries.

Michael J. Wondra, 25, was arrested for animal cruelty. He was released on Sunday after posting a $2,000 bond.

Case Updates

On 01-04-2011, Wondra was ordered to 8 months in jail, and 3 years probation. Huber granted for AODA programming at VA center and any counseling appointments. He must participate in Ms. Dupree's program at St. Croix County Jail.

Additional sentencing notes:
1. Provide DNA sample and pay surcharge.
2. Continue with mental health programming, including VA center program.
3. Absolute sobriety: Zero alcohol, zero controlled substances, zero prescribed medications (except as taken and prescribed for you by a physician) in your system, on your person, or in your possession at all times while this case is ongoing. This prohibition includes drug paraphernalia.
4. No contact with Sarah Stout or family.
5. Not to enter any business or establishment where the primary purpose is sale of alcohol.
6. Not to vote until civil rights are restored.
7. Not to use or possess firearms.
8. No animal/4 legged creature in home without approval of Agent.
9. Follow all rules and regulations of DOC/Agent. Cooperate with any correctional programs as directed by DOC/Agent.
Source: State of Wisconsin vs. Michael J. Wondra - St Croix County Case Number 2010CF000011
Update posted on Jan 6, 2011 - 9:56PM 
According to Wisconsin online court records, first degree felony charges were entered against Michael Wondra on January 20, 1010.

Wondra entered a guilty plea to one charge of Mistreatment of Animals/Cause Death (Felony I) on September 2, 2010. (St Croix County Case Number 2010CF000011)

He is scheduled to be sentenced at 9AM on November 11, 2010 in Court Room 4. The case was prosecuted by Sharon Correll, and Joseph R. Caton is listed as Wondra's defense attorney.
Source: St Croix County Case Number 2010CF000011
Update posted on Oct 29, 2010 - 1:48AM 
A Wisconsin man has been arrested on suspicion of animal mistreatment after he was accused of putting a plastic spoon in a dog's rectum, leading to the animal's death.

It was reported Friday that a dog had been yelping for a couple of hours at a residence in Roberts, Wis. A neighbor went to check on the dog and found a plastic spoon protruding from the animal, investigators said.

When officers responded to the home, they found an 8-inch plastic spoon with blood on the handle, St. Croix County Sheriff Dennis Hillstead said.

"The dog appeared to have some significant injuries," Hillstead said. The animal was taken to an emergency veterinary clinic in St. Paul.

A check showed the dog, a 9-month-old golden Lab, had a punctured intestine, Hillstead said. Because of the extent of the animal's injuries, it had to be euthanized.

Police arrested Michael Wondra, 25, a resident of the home where the dog was found, on suspicion of intentional mistreatment of animals.

Hillstead said he did not know whether Wondra was the dog's owner.

As of Monday afternoon, the St. Croix County district attorney's office had yet to review the case for possible charges against Wondra.

Wondra could not be reached for comment Monday afternoon.
Source: - jan 4, 2010
Update posted on Oct 30, 2010 - 1:06PM 


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