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Case ID: 16100
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Friday, Jan 1, 2010

County: McHenry

Disposition: Alleged
Case Images: 3 files available

Abuser names unreleased

The McHenry County Sheriff's Department is investigating a possible case of animal neglect, after more than a dozen dogs were found in a trailer this week in Deering North Dakota. Catherine Ross reports on the horrifying conditions in which the animals were living, and the challenges the dogs will face in the future.

18 dogs were removed from this Deering trailer on January 21, 2010 after the county was notified of potential animal abuse

(Chief Deputy Trey Skager / McHenry Co. Sheriff's Dept.) "As far as animals neglected and not being taken care of, this is probably the worst I've seen." Confined to the single-wide mobile home, the dogs survived in what Deputy Skager calls an 'indoor kennel', receiving food and water only when concerned neighbors stopped by

(Chief Deputy Trey Skager / McHenry Co. Sheriff's Dept.) "From just standing on the deck looking into the house, you could see animal feces, furniture, blankets laying all over. You couldn't get past the door for the smell." (Kristine Seabolt / Shelter Manager) "The trailer was caked with feces, it was caked with hair. The amount of urine from being enclosed, was horrible. You had to really catch your breath going in." Kristine Seabolt and a team from the Souris Valley Animal Shelter rescued the dogs yesterday and were appalled by the squalor inside the trailer

(Kristine Seabolt / Shelter Manager) "Due to the size of the home they were in, it just was a lot worse. It's really unfair to do that to the dogs." Even more unfair, perhaps, is how those living conditions impact the animals' future. Not used to human contact or social interaction, Seabolt says many of the dogs hide from staff, and that very few will be ready for a forever home any time soon

(Kristine Seabolt / Shelter Manager) "They're very scared right now. They're not used to being touched or grabbed." She says that socialization process itself could take months, let alone beginning house training or healing the injuries certain dogs are exhibiting

(Kristine Seabolt / Shelter Manager) " It's going to take a lot of socialization because you're looking at a lot of antisocial behavior." And while the dogs settle into a temporary place of safety, Deputy Skager anticipates any charges against the owner of the trailer will be filed by the McHenry County State's Attorney

Humane Society officials say the dogs appear to be fairly healthy. They're still trying to track down one or two dogs who may still be loose in the area.

The dogs are thought to be Corgi-Pomeranian mixes, and all are estimated to be young adults


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