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Case ID: 15678
Classification: Hoarding
Animal: cat, dog (non pit-bull), bird (pet), chicken
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Judge(s): Michael Loy

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Tuesday, Mar 17, 2009

County: Adair

Disposition: Convicted

» David Coppage
» Marshall Bunch

Case Updates: 1 update(s) available

The Adair County Sheriff's Department has once again seized several animals from a residence after executing a search warrant and arrested two men on charges of animal cruelty.

David Coppage, age 71, and Marshall D. Bunch, 52, were arrested by Adair County Sheriff Ralph Curry and Deputy Bruce McCloud at approximately 10:20 a.m. last Tuesday after executing a search warrant on the residence located at 2096 Highway 55 south.

As a result of the search Coppage was arrested and charged with 34 counts of animal cruelty 2nd degree and Bunch was charged with two counts of animal cruelty 2nd degree, resisting arrest, tampering with physical evidence and terroristic threatening 3rd degree.

The Green River Animal Shelter along with several volunteers removed 34 dogs, 4 cats, 75 chickens, 38 exotic birds and numerous ducks.

According to Green River Animal Shelter Director Jeff Thomas, the majority of the animals were located in the basement of the residence. Most of the dogs were housed in male-female pairs in portable pet carriers. The exotic birds were also housed in small cages.

Thomas said that at the present time, the shelter is housing the dogs and cats, while RePets in Bowling Green took the exotic birds and Adair County Dog Warden Jimmy Harmon is housing the chickens and ducks. He explained that Repets and Harmon are housing the birds, chickens and ducks because the shelter is not equipped to properly house and care for the animals.

"It was a bad situation for the animals, but nothing like the way it was at Clean Slate (where over 300 dogs, cats and other animals were seized in February)," Thomas noted.

Coppage and Bunch were scheduled to appear in Adair District Court yesterday, but their attorney, Jeff Hoover, had the court date postponed until April 6th. As of press time, Coppage still retained custody of the animals, so they will remain at the animal shelter and RePets until the situation is resolved.

However, according to Thomas, Adair County Attorney Jennifer Hutchinson-Corbin has been attempting to reach Coppage's attorney to acquire the release of the animals due to the increasing cost of caring for the animals while being housed at the shelter and Repets.

Thomas stated that the boarding charges are currently $600 per day for the shelter with additional charges for the exotic birds housed by Repets. Photo:SOME OF THE dogs taken after the Adair County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant on Highway 55 South last week waited to be moved to the Green River Animal Shelter. The dogs are in the cages they were found living in the home's basement.

Case Updates

Following a trial in Adair District Court Monday, a Columbia man was found guilty of 34 counts of second degree cruelty to animals.

David Coppage, 71, of Columbia, was found guilty of the 34 counts by the jury. Thirty three counts were related to dogs, and one to chickens. The amount of fines owed by Coppage and the disposition of the animals, which are currently being held at the Green River Animal Shelter, will be finalized by Judge Michael Loy next Monday, Aug. 3.

Coppage and another individual, Marshall Bunch, were arrested on Mar. 17 of this year after Adair County Sheriff Ralph Curry and Deputy Bruce McCloud executed a search warrant at Coppage's home at 2096 Highway 55 South.

A total of 34 dogs, four cats, 73 chickens, 38 exotic birds and numerous ducks were removed from the residence.

According to statements made at the time of the arrests by Green River Animal Shelter director Jeff Thomas, the majority of the animals were found in the basement. Most of the dogs were housed in male-female pairs in pet carriers or small cages, and the birds were in small cages.

Marshall Bunch, who was charged with two counts of second degree cruelty to animals, entered a plea in May in which he was placed in a diversion program for two years, ordered to pay restitution and forfeited rights to the animals seized.
Source: The Adair Progress - July 31, 2009
Update posted on Jul 31, 2009 - 10:28PM 


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