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Case ID: 15210
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: cow
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Thursday, Jan 1, 2009

County: Ada

Charges: Misdemeanor
Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Hermis E. Sparks

The Ada County Prosecutor has charged a Boise man with 10 criminal counts stemming from an investigation into the treatment of livestock on his farm.

The misdemeanor charges were filed Tuesday against 73-year-old Hermis Sparks following an investigation by the police, the Idaho Department of Agriculture and the Idaho Humane Society.

The complaint charges Sparks with four counts of permitting animals to go without care, one count of cruelty to animals and five counts of disposal of dead animal bodies, carcasses and body parts.

The court has issued a warrant for Sparks' arrest.

Last month, authorities raided Sparks' farm outside of Boise. During the raid, investigators found 30 dead cattle and seized more than 100.

The judge has scheduled a Feb. 24 hearing to consider whether Sparks must forfeit the cattle seized during the raid.


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