Burton Hoey

Business/Organization: Jenny's Market
Gender: Male
Location: Dexter, MI (US)


Sep 6, 2012 - Webster, MI (US)
Convicted: Donkeys, horses and goats neglected at farmers market

Sentence: On Wednesday, January 30, 2013, Burton Hoey, proprietor of Jenny’s farm Market, pled no contest to two counts of animal cruelty. He was sentenced March 27th in front of Judge Richard E. Conlin, 14A3 District Court in Chelsea, MI. Hoey was given 24-months of probation, ordered to pay court costs and restitution and will need to complete 50 hours of community service.

Hoey will be able to keep the animals he currently owns and can continue to operate his market, but during the 24 month probation period, he will not be able to acquire any other animals. The other condition of his probation requires Hoey to have monthly visits and reports from a licensed large animal veterinarian.... more...