Mary A. Carey

Gender: Female
Approximate Age: 62
Location: Unknown, DE (US)


Mar 5, 2012 - Ellendale, DE (US)
Alleged: 17 animals seized from shed, covered in feces

Jan 14, 2012 - Milton, DE (US)
Alleged: SPCA officers seized 25 dogs living in crates

A Cape Gazette article from Feb. 21, 2003, detailed volunteer efforts to remove 68 neglected dogs and cats from a Cedar Creek property near Milton. Carey had been evicted from the property, but left her animals there, returning every few days to check on them. Carey said she tried to keep the animals fed, but she admitted she had limited funds to buy pet food.

A court order required Carey to find homes for her animals by Feb. 14, 2003, or they would be taken and euthanized. Area animal rescue groups removed the animals that day.