Roy Charles Parker

Also known as: Roy Charley Parker
Gender: Male
Approximate Age: 38
Date of Birth: Nov 17, 1972
Location: Calico Rock, AR (US)


Jun 30, 2011 - Calico Rock, AR (US)
Convicted: Several dogs, cats, horses rescued from repeat offender

Sentence: Roy Charles Parker pleaded guilty to eight misdemeanors and two felony aggravated animal cruelty charges Thursday in Baxter County Circuit Court.

Baxter County Circuit Court Judge Gordon Webb accepted a plea deal Parker’s public defender worked out with prosecutors.

That plea deal calls for Parker to spend six years on probation, during which he is not allowed to own, have or care for horses.

In addition to court fines and costs, Webb ordered Parker to pay $10,838.50 in restitution for money expended to care for the 10 horses.... more...