Jeffrey Robin Hurring

Gender: Male
Approximate Age: 19
Location: Dunedin, OT (NZ)


Feb 2, 2009 - Dunedin, OT (NZ)
Convicted: 18-month-old dog tortured to death

Sentence: Jeffrey Hurring, 19, a supermarket shelf-filler, was sentenced in the Dunedin District Court to 12 months' jail for killing an 18-month-old male Jack Russell dog in Dunedin on February 2 this year.

He was also barred from owning an animal for 10 years.

He also ordered Hurring to pay $1178.50 reparation to the SPCA and to continue counselling for his drinking and other issues related to his offending for at least six months after his release from prison.

In the High Court at Dunedin Justice John Fogarty ruled the 18 month starting point adopted by Judge Stephen O'Driscoll was correct.

However, he said Hurring was not given sufficient discount for his guilty plea, age, naivety, immaturity and lack of criminal convictions.

Justice Fogarty reduced the jail term to 10 months but let the other orders stand. ... more...