Christen Blake

Gender: Female
Approximate Age: 54
Location: Auke Bay Harbor, AK (US)


Dec 17, 2010 - Auke Bay Harbor, AK (US)
Convicted: 17 cats seized from freezing cold van

Sentence: Judge Philip Pallenberg sentenced Blake to 90 days in jail with 90 suspended, a $500 fine, all suspended, and probation for five years. Conditions of probation were to violate no laws, not to enter GHS property or contact GHS or its officers or employees, and their immediate families, but to walk away if seeing them, and to have no contact with the CBJ law department except in writing. Pallenberg ruled that the cats, cat traps and kennels are forfeited, and that Blake cannot possess any animal unless she first completes a court approved mental health evaluation.

Pallenberg did rule that Blake can watch people's pets or walk their pets if the owners consent, but cannot possess pets in her home or vehicle during her probation. After probation she must have a city accepted mental health evaluation if she is going to have pets. Pallenberg also said restitution would be counter productive as she has no income.... more...