Marci Biesheuvel

Business/Organization: Lit'l Bit of Love Animal Rescue and Sanctuary
Gender: Female
Location: Carpenter, WY (US)


Mar 8, 2011 - Carpenter, WY (US)
Dismissed (Conditional): 47 dogs, 4 cats seized from animal shelter

Notes: Marci Biesheuvel, 52, received a 301 deferral in the case, meaning that if she successfully completes her five-year probation term, the charges will not be made a part of her permanent record.

The second count filed against her was dismissed, and she was ordered to pay a $190 fine.

As part of her plea agreement, Biesheuvel also was ordered to comply with all Cheyenne ordinances pertaining to animals, even though she lives in the county.

Therefore, she may have just four animals in her home at any given time, including dogs and cats. She also must submit to searches of her home. If she is found to have more than four animals, it will be a violation of her probation.

Last year, 130 of Biesheuvel's dogs, cats and rabbits were taken to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, but the charges against her were dropped because Wyoming had no animal cruelty statute for prosecution.