Jennifer Leslie Wood

Also known as: Jennifer Hicks
Business/Organization: The Puppy Playground
Gender: Female
Approximate Age: 36
Location: North English, IA (US)


Feb 17, 2011 - Cedar Rapids, IA (US)
Convicted: 35 animals seized

Sentence: After two days of graphic trial testimony regarding two animals suffering from severe physical and life-threatening conditions and the extreme unsanitary conditions of her home, Jennifer Wood, 36, she pleaded guilty to 35 counts of unhealthy or unsanitary conditions. The animal abuse counts were dismissed, as well as the remaining unhealthy charges.

Tom Viner, Wood's attorney, said she was ordered to pay $50 on each count and court costs. Restitution will be determined later at a hearing set July 29. She also won't be allowed, as part of the plea deal, to own, harbor or keep any animals within the city limits of Cedar Rapids without a further court order, he said.

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Feb 8, 2011 - Hiawatha, IA (US)
Alleged: 60 dogs, 29 cats in unsanitary conditions

Feb 1, 2011 - North English, IA (US)
Alleged: 4 animals found dead, 9 live animals surrendered

Mar 19, 1999 - Cedar Rapids, IA (US)
Not Charged: 118 animals seized from home

Mar 21, 1997 - Cedar Rapids, IA (US)
Not Charged: Animals seized