Frank J. Rich

Gender: Male
Approximate Age: 53
Date of Birth: Feb 5, 1957
Location: Willow, AK (US)


Jan 10, 2011 - Willow, AK (US)
Convicted: 150 dogs seized from breeder's home, 22 dead

Sentence: A judge sentenced a Willow-area dog breeder to serve 180 days in jail after pleading guilty Monday to two counts of animal cruelty. He also has a 10-year probationary period.

In the end, Zwink's ruling sided completely with Burton, imposing the 180 days she asked for and restriction from owning animals, as well as 10 years of probation during which Rich could go back to jail for as long as 18 months if he doesn't keep his nose clean.

According to the deal as Yim explained it in court, Rich will have to report to jail sometime in the next three months and can use that time to apply for a spot in the Department of Corrections' program that allows him to serve his required jail time on house arrest wearing an ankle monitor.... more...