Heidi Kristine Erickson

 History of interpersonal violence

Gender: Female
Approximate Age: 41
Location: Watertown, MA (US)


Mar 18, 2009 - Plymouth, MA (US)
Convicted: Neglect alleged, two cats dead in freezer

May 7, 2003 - Watertown, MA (US)
Alleged: Cat breeder - 52 live cats, 12 found dead

Apr 28, 2003 - Beacon Hill, MA (US)
Convicted: Cat breeder - 60 dead, most found in freezers

Sentence: A 30-day jail sentence was suspended for three years. If Erickson violates any animal cruelty laws during that period, she'll face prison time.

The Judge stipulated that if Erickson owns pets again, she can't leave them unattended for more than 24 hours.... more...

Erickson has also been arrested and charged with assault and battery on an elderly/disabled person, someone court officials say she called an "adviser." Prosecutors later dropped the charges. She was also found not guilty of charges stemming from an alleged attack on a neighbor in 2000.