Ruben Pacheco

Also known as: Reuben Pacheco
Gender: Male
Approximate Age: 37
Location: Leadville, CO (US)


Apr 22, 2005 - Douglas, WY (US)
Convicted: Neglected fighting dogs stolen from shelter

Sentence: On 8/4/06, he was convicted of felony burglary in District Court. No sentencing information is currently available.... more...

Mar 2005 - Douglas, WY (US)
Convicted: Dog-fighting - 11 dogs seized

Sentence: Pleading guilty to the cruelty counts in Circuit Court, Pacheco served 13 days in jail and was sentenced to six months of probation, during which time he was banned from owning any animals, according to court documents. Judge Vince Case also ordered the 11 canines, suspected of being used as fighting dogs, put down. ... more...

Nov 19, 2002 - Leadville, CO (US)
Convicted: Pit bull fighting, chaining dogs

Sentence: $1,000 fine, limit to 15 dogs... more...