Seth Arthur Maher

Gender: Male
Approximate Age: 72
Date of Birth: Jun 21, 1938
Location: Bealeton, VA (US)


May 27, 2011 - Sandyville, WV (US)
Convicted: Hundreds of animals seized

Sentence: In separate hearings last week in Jackson Magistrate Court, the Mahers each were allowed to plead guilty to two counts of animal cruelty; the remaining charges were dismissed.

Magistrate Tom Reynolds sentenced the two to one year of probation and ordered them to pay restitution to the county animal shelter in the case.

While the Mahers won't be spending any further time behind bars, Bright said that by pleading guilty, the couple will not be able to own any animals in the state for a period of five years.

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Jan 12, 2007 - Remington, VA (US)
Convicted: Neglect of over 70 farm animals

Sentence: Judge Charles B. Foley suspended the imposition of any sentence for one year, however. Bean also said Foley's decision is based on certain conditions. Specifically, the couple must participate in a restorative justice program coordinated by the Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center in Warrenton.
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