Leong Tian Kum

Gender: Male
Approximate Age: 34
Location: Milwaukee, WI (US)


Sep 2002 - Milwaukee, WI (US)
Convicted: 150 protected reptiles smuggled into United States

Sentence: Sentenced to 41 months in federal prison; will be deported upon release. Ordered to repay the government $8,120, the amount federal agents spent on making undercover purchases from Kum.
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Kum pled guilty November 26, 2003, to conspiracy and money laundering charges. Sentenced to 41 months in federal prison for smuggling more than 150 protected reptiles, valued at more than $200,000 from Thailand to buyers in the U.S. and for laundering the money he received for the animals. Kum will also be deported from the U.S. upon release from prison.