This report quantifies our preliminary efforts to track the number of animals affected by animal cruelty every year. This data is in its earliest stages, so it should not be considered for research at this time, however we have made an effort to provide estimates based off the data we have collected thus far. This report will become more accurate as we continue to update older cases with mortality information.

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Some additional notes: Since there is no real way of determining the true accuracy of the number of cases we have in the database for any given year versus the actual number of incidents of animal cruelty (reported or unreported), determining a true mortality rate is next to impossible. If you wish to further estimate based on an assumed accuracy rate of our data, the the accuracy percentage should be factored into the estimated total number of animals.

Additionally, while we do have a few much older cases in the database, it should be assumed that the majority of our data is most viable from the year 2000 forward.