This graph breaks down the types of charges being levied in cruelty cases over a specific timespan. There are a few important things to consider with this data:

  1. The overall rate of reported cases is increasing dramatically due to increased public awareness about animal cruelty issues.
  2. This data represents the most recent/final charges, so if a case was originally charged as a felony and was later reduced to a misdemeanor, it would be counted as a misdemeanor for the purposes of this graph.
  3. Cases with a status of open, not charged, dismissed, civil, state citation or USDA citation are not included, since they do not apply.
  4. Felony Other applies to cases where a non-cruelty charge was used in a cruelty case, for example, arson charges in an animal burning case.
  5. We have only been tracking specific charges since 2007, so older cases may not have been updated yet. As we continue to update cases, this graph will change to reflect the changes.
  6. Some cases may have utilized both felony and misdemeanor charges

Because of these reasons, this data should not be considered suitable for research or in-depth analysis, and is for anecdotal purposes only.

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Conditions for Use in Other Publications

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