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Case ID: 9972
Classification: Mutilation/Torture
Animal: cat
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Saturday, Nov 4, 2006

Disposition: Open

Suspect(s) Unknown - We need your help!

Heartless thugs who gutted a pregnant cat in west Belfast, killing her unborn litter, were last night branded "malicious and evil" by the USPCA.

The animal welfare charity is appealing for information after the pet cat was found hanging from a fence "with severe stomach injuries" in the Glenalina Gardens area on Nov 4.

In a sickening new low in animal cruelty, it is understood the cat died after her entrails and litter of kittens were ripped out sometime late on Friday. She was then hung by her insides from the fence.

The pet's owner, who lives in the area, was said to be distraught by the horrific incident and disposed of the body before the USPCA arrived at the scene.

USPCA spokesman David Wilson said he was "completely shocked" by the cruelty inflicted on the small animal.

"As far as we know this cat was last seen around the neighbourhood on Friday evening and was then found hanging from a fence the next day," he said.

"The body has been disposed of and because of that we are unable to carry out a post-mortem. Unfortunately, in this case, it is fairly obvious what the cause of death was.

"Sadly, cases involving this degree of cruelty are reported to us fairly often and it always makes me wonder what on earth is going through the head of someone capable of such a thing. They must be full of nothing but malice, badness and evil."

The incident is just the latest in a series of appalling animal cruelty cases in Northern Ireland in the past few months alone.

Just a few weeks ago, the USPCA were called in to investigate after three four-week-old kittens were burnt alive in a grass in Castlerock. It has since been claimed that the deaths were an accident.

Recently, badger baiting gangs were uncovered by the PSNI, the charred remains of a cat were discovered in a bin in Ballymena and a man at a party in Belfast was caught on video phone biting the head off a mouse.

There have also been convictions for animal cruelty in the past year including cases of sheep being slaughtered in a field, a dog being hanged from a fence by electrical wire and dozens of cases of abandoned animals.

Mr Wilson appealed to anyone with information to contact the USPCA. Police are also investigating and can be reached at New Barnsley on 0845 600 8000.


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