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Case ID: 842
Classification: Stabbing, Beating
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Monday, Feb 24, 2003

Disposition: Not Charged
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Abuser names unreleased

A worker and volunteer at the local shelter in Cádiz went to pick up an abandoned greyhound who was 50 km from the shelter. When he got to the pick up place, he witnessed how a group of underage kids were severely beating the animal and cutting him with a pocket knife. He faced the abusers and called the Police (Guardia Civil). The dog had broken ribs, a broken leg and a considerable amount of cuts and his state was critical. The dog had to be put to sleep. The police are now investigating the case.

Informe del caso en Español

El trabajador y voluntario de la perrera de Cádiz fue a recoger a un galgo que se encontraba a 50 km del refugio. Cuando llegó al lugar, se encontró con un grupo de jóvenes que estaban golpeando brutalmente al animal y cortándole con una navaja. Se enfrentó a los maltratadores y llamó a la Guardia Civil. El perro tenía costillas rotas, una pata rota y un considerable número de cortes y su estado era crítico. Finalmente, se lo ha tenido que sacrificar. La policía está ahora investigando el caso.


  • Cádiz Shelter
  • Klhan

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