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Case ID: 8026
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (non pit-bull), pig, cow, chicken, bird (other farmed)
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Monday, Feb 28, 1994

County: Penobscot

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: John Ahearn

John Ahearn, 27, will appear in Newport District Court April 13 to answer cruelty charges after 18 dead pigs were found in Ahearn's barn this week. Veterinarian Chip Ridky said the pigs died of neglect and starvation. The remaining 16 pigs, a dog, chickens and a duck became the property of the state in February.

The state veterinarian, Chip Ridky, was following up on numerous complaints of dead calves on Ahearn's property. The veterinarian said they were "auction calves," day old calves purchased at an auction and quite susceptible to quick death.

Since Ahearn had been charged in January with cruelty to animals in the pig case, the state checked Ahearn's farm and found no new problems. Auction calves frequently die a quick death. It is just the nature of auction calves.

After receiving about half a dozen complaints about two dead calves, he went to the farm to follow up. Ridky said he found clean, insulated pens with heat lamps. Ridky said he was also impressed that Ahearn had contacted a veterinarian regarding one of the calves condition. The live calf was receiving treatment.


  • Bangor Daily News - March 29, 1994

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