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Case ID: 7720
Classification: Neglect / Abandonment
Animal: dog (non pit-bull)
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Sunday, Jun 11, 2000

Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Name Undisclosed

An unidentified Parkdale man was charged yesterday for keeping his dad in two "uninhabitable" rooms, letting him out only to defecate on the front porch or pick through garbage for food and charged with starving his dogs.

The 84-year old is suffering with Alzheimer's disease. He has been rescued by the Toronto Police and placed in a nursing home. The man's medical condition had been worsening since January. Neighbors had seen him eating out of garbage cans and defecating on the front porch and in the backyard.

The elderly man had owned the house for 40 years in the Queen Street - Roncesvalles Avenue area. His son and grandson both lived in the house with him.

No names were released because police fear the accused may become a target of retaliation. The accused man's son lives in the home but they do not consider him involved in the case.

Detective-Constable Charles Exton said, "Conditions were deplorable. The area where this elderly man was in the house was totally unihabitable for humans, or animals."

The elderly man wasn't suffering from malnutrition. He was "more dirty than anything." He was forced to go outside to go to the bathroom or go in his pants.

The 6-8 year old German shepherd was found barely alive, suffering from malnutrition in the basement. It weighted 39 pounds, should have weighted 90-100 pounds. It was euthanized by a veterinarian.

A two year old Rottweiler, weighed 43 pounds and was showing signs of malnutrition. It was seized by the humane society.


  • The Toronto Sun - June 12, 2000

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