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Case ID: 5091
Classification: Kicking/Stomping, Beating
Animal: cat
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Tuesday, Oct 3, 1995

County: Alameda

Disposition: Alleged

» Christopher Bishop
» Kevin Johnson
» Stephen LeBlanc

Christopher Bishop, 24, Kevin Johnson, 23, and Stephen LeBlanc, 27, have all been charged for allegedly laughing and joking as they battered and stomped a cat to death on October 3.

The three sailors all stationed at the Alameda Naval Air Station could face up to three years in prison if they are convicted of torturing and mutilating the cat named Boots that was owned by LeBlanc's wife.

The charges state the three men "maliciously and intentionally maimed, mutilated, torture, and wounded and killed a living animal."

LeBlanc and Bishop have been held on $50,000 bail since being arrested in October. Johnson who posted bond was soon freed after his arrest.

Deputy District Attorney David Cook said "I've never seen or heard of a case like this. To kill a cat like that is horrible but to videotape it is unthinkable."

The sailors said when they returned October 3 and found out LeBlanc's wife had left him and taken most of their belongings but she had left Boots.


  • San Francisco Chronicle - Feb 8, 1995

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