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Case ID: 2983
Classification: Throwing
Animal: pig
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Wednesday, Feb 21, 1996

County: Suffolk

Disposition: Dismissed

Person of Interest: Kevin Callahan

A Waltham man who attacked the Massachusetts Bar Association office in Boston with a 55-gallon drum, a pickax and a live pig has pleaded guilty to one of three charges arising from the attack.

After a hearing yesterday, Judge Charles R. Johnson ordered the defendant, Kevin Callahan, to pay restitution and perform 20 hours of community service for the February 1996 attack

The assault, and the items Callahan hurled, inspired numerous quips about the legal profession. But Benjamin Fierro, general counsel for the bar association, was not amused by the sentence.

"It was nothing less than an act of domestic terrorism against lawyers and the legal system," Fierro said.

Callahan, 29 had been charged with malicious destruction of property, breaking and entering and cruelty to animals. Prosecutor Mark Hallal declined to accept a plea bargain, insisted that Callahan plead guilty to all three charges.

But Johnson accepted a proposal by defense attorney Andrea C. Stanton that Callahan admit to only one charge malicious destruction of property. Johnson dismissed the other two charges.

In addition to restitution and community service, Johnson placed Callahan on one year's probation, on condition that the guilty plea would not go on his record if he stays out of trouble.

Fierro said if Callahan were to commit another offense, he would have to serve six months in the house of correction.

Callahan, according to police reports, had rented a van the day before the Feb. 21 attack, and had driven it to the offices at 4:30 a.m. A witness later reported that he saw Callahan go to the back of the van, pull out an oil drum and hurl it through the window. He then threw the pig in after it.


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