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Case ID: 2917
Classification: Shooting, Beating
Animal: bird (wildlife)
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Abuse was retaliation against animal's bad behavior
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Thursday, Sep 30, 1999

County: Alameda

Disposition: Convicted

Defendant/Suspect: Alan Rondi

Case Updates: 1 update(s) available

A man who allegedly shot an owl from a tree and then beat it with a board because its screeching was distracting "Monday Night Football" was arrested for cruelty to animals. Police said they busted Alan Rondi, 42, after a neighbor reported seeing him firing a slingshot at the barn owl, knocking it out of a tree into his yard, then clobbering the bird with a board.

Rondi was jailed in lieu of $5,000 bail on misdemanor charges of cruelty to an animal and removing a bird of prey from its habitat, authorities said.

The injured bird was being treated at Lindsay Wildlife Museum in nearby Walnut Creek.

Dublin police Lt. John Hardester said Rondi was watching the game when the owl scooped up a mouse and began screeching as it dined in a palm tree in Rondi's back yard.

Rondi loaded his slingshot and fired into the tree, sending the owl tumbling into the Rondis' roof and then to their concrete patio.

The bird is udergoing x-rays and blood tests, and a veterinarian eye specialist will examine the bird today, Lindsay spokeswoman Sherrill Cook said. The owl also was dehydrated but stable, and its prognosis is unknown, she said. "It will be a long time before we know whether this owl can be released."

Case Updates

Rondi pleaded guilty to one count of cruelty to animals and a wildlife code violation in connection with using a slingshot to knock a barn owl out of a palm tree. A California man has been fined $10,000, spent two days in jail, must perform 100 hours of community service and was sentenced to three years probation for using a slingshot to scare away a barn owl outside his home.

Alan Rondi, 42, was told by California Superior Court Judge Ronald Hyde that if Rondi hurt another animal, he would go to jail.
Source: Livestock Weekly - Nov 4, 1999
Update posted on Nov 9, 2004 - 1:30PM 


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